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No Father No Excuse was founded on the vision of fighting the epidemic of adolescents who struggle with the pain and anguish caused by the absence of an active father. The aftermath of this rapidly growing problem within our community can have several negative impacts. For young men, the lack of a male presence can result in a loss of confidence, insufficient opportunities for life lessons on manhood, responsibilities, and relationships, and lack of direction and discipline. For young ladies, not having a male presence results in low self-esteem, self-worth, and an altered view of men.  While we can’t eliminate the hurt and pain caused by this epidemic, our mission as an organization is to eliminate the excuse of “no father” being the cause of students’ lack of success. Our program utilizes male mentorship, moral support, guidance, workshops, volunteering, ACT preparation, cultural outings, tutoring, and team building activities to provide participants with additional resources to aid in their endeavors.  No Father No Excuse is not just a movement, it is a lifestyle with a rebellious intent to change the dynamic of students in fatherless environments. Our goal is to show participants success is possible, despite what seems like being at a disadvantage, and use their pain as motivation in addition to helping others. We will no longer use this as an excuse, but a foundational block to measure the success we achieve regardless of our circumstance. Welcome to the “No Father No Excuse” experience.


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